Magdy Mohamed Amin Abdelmeged 

  • Specialist Areas: All Civil claims and disputes relating to issues of civil liability and contractual disputes, Commercial Disputes, all Arbitration claims
  • Qualifications: 
  • Experience: •1.All civil claims and disputes relating to issues of civil liability and tort and contractual disputes arising from civil contracts such as sale, rent and entrepreneurship. •2. All cases and commercial disputes relating to obligations and commercial contracts and bankruptcy, brokerage and transportation. And disputes relating to the securities business and corporate issues. As well as all claims relating to banking. •3 all arbitration claims before the resort the resort or arbitration bodies against him and claims of invalidity of Arbitration Court either through annulment or cassation judgments in cases of invalidity. And all proceedings relating to the implementation of the provisions of the arbitrators in setting Executive version and deposit the provisions of both courts of arbitrators within or outside the State. •4 all labor cases either the employer or the worker and labor arbitration disputes. And initiated either before the courts or before the experts. •5 writing contracts and review and preparation of legal research and the preparation of legal opinions and consultations and opinions in disputes and issues within Egypt and the Gulf States. •6. Initiated proceedings concerning intellectual property issues such as patents and trademarks. •7 All issues related to communication activity in Egypt and the conflicts associated with NTRA. •8 All issues concerning pharmaceutical companies on patent protection for pharmaceutical registration and disputes with rival pharmaceutical companies. •9. Egypt worked since 1988, Office of Prof / Abdel Moneim El Sharkawy Professor of procedural law at the University of Cairo. And the Office of Mohamed Kamal Abdel Aziz. Office IBRASHI darmarkar. Matouk Bassiouny Office. •10. Qatar State worked with Mubarak Al-Sulaiti law firm and legal counsel first and Art Director for the Office until the year 2015. •11. Dubai has worked since 2008, Office of global lawyers and legal advisers. And the Office of the law firm of fad. In Hamdan's Office hierarchy and associates. Currently, prestige Office attorneys & legal consultants .